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Hospital Overview
      Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) is a Class A tertiary hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Second Institute of Clinical Medicine of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) directly under the leadership of the National Administration of TCM (NATCM). It provides medical and preventive care for patients, training for health professionals, and conducts research for better care to its patients. GAMH as a government hospital is titled as: Health care base for central cadres, National TCM model hospital, ISO9001 quality management certification enterprise, Designated hospital for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre constituent unit, National backbone unit for pilot TCM trade services, National export base for TCM services in the first batch, Beijing TCM overseas service development base, National Institute for Clinical Trials of Drugs of State Administration for Market Regulation, TCM training base for Western Medicine (WM) doctors of National Health Commission, National TCM medical center for cancer, National TCM specialized center for diabetes and anorectal diseases, TCM emergency base construction unit, National key TCM disciplines construction unit, and National construction unit of TCM oncology Fuzhengpeiben key laboratory.
Key Milestones
For peace. Time flies
8th September
Guang'anmen Hospital received the award as a representative of outstanding groups, during the meeting commending role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, 8th September, 2020.
National export base for TCM services in the first batch approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
"China-Japan strategic project for the treatment and rehabilitation of Major Diseases"by Guang'anmen Hospital and ViewSend ICT included in the 1st Session China-Japan Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum;Guang'anmen Hospital and Beijing Public Health and Family Planning Service Hotline (12320) launched the country's first official English TCM consultation hotline (86-10-88001800) in October 2018, which was incorporated into the Beijing municipal government's 12345 hotline in December of 2018.
First Japanese case of online joint consultation and offline treatment in Guang'anmen Hospital; Joint construction on Guang'anmen School of Clinical Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Hospital 60th Anniversary; China-ASEAN Traditional Medicine Training Program & Field Study on Disease Prevention and Treatment
Workshop&Field Study on Traditional Medicine (TM) for Health Officials of LAS
Training Program&Field Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine for Asian Health Officials
Cigna direct-billing TCM Hospital; China-ASEAN Training Program&Field Study on Harmonious Policies and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Traditional Medicine; 5 key disciplines of SATCM 12th Five-Year Plan (TCM dermatology, gynecology, nursing, acupuncture&moxibustion, urology, clinical informatics)
Guang'anmen Hospital Southern District (former Daxing District Hospital of TCM in hospital trusteeship) establishes with 407 beds; JCI accreditation work starts
ISO15189 and CNAS recognition for medical laboratory; 6 key disciplines of SATCM 11th Five-Year Plan (TCM oncology, endocrinology, coloproctology, cardiology, psychology, rheumatology); International Medical Department opens
Designated hospital for the 29th Olympic Games and Central Bureau of Healthcare; BUPA certified TCM Hospital; China-ASEAN Workshop on Standardized Practice of Traditional Medicine; SATCM TCM International Cooperation Center; Medical team sent for Wenquan Eearthquake
China-ASEAN Seminar on Traditional Medicine for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment; 7 experts invited by USA NIH/NCI attend the conference “Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cancer Research: Fostering Collaboration; Advancing the Science”--the start of GAM in cancer research collaboration with NIH/NCI.
Name changes to Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences; Ward beds up to 609; WHO Informal Consultation on Developing Clinical Practice Guideline on Cancer; China-Africa Seminar on Traditional Medicine for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
ISO-9001 certified TCM Hospital
222 medical staffs join the Fight for SARS; 3 SATCM Key Disciplines (TCM oncology, endocrinology, coloproctology); 3 national TCM Science&Technology Third-Grade labs (Tumor cell biology, diabetic vascular function, molecular biology)
ICU opens; China and Japan cooperation institute of traditional medicine with Wasada University
First National TCM AIDS research room set up
Collaborative Laboratory with SK (China Bloc)
GAMH sends its TCM medical team in China-Tanzania cooperation project for AIDS treatment and research
National TCM Specialty Center (National TCM Oncology Medical Center) approved by the SATCM; Construction units of national TCM specialty centers of Diabetes and Anorectal Diseases approved by the SATCM
TCM Key Endocrinology Research Room approved
TCM Key Oncology Research Room approved by SATCM and Post doctoral program teaching unit
Doctor program approved by the Ministry of Education; National TCM Model Hospital
Tertiary A Hospital
Cadre ward opens and hospital beds up to 500.
Mr. Lu Zhizheng in Guang'anmen Hospital, national TCM master, together with other seven national famous TCM doctors, writes to Chairman Jiang Zemin to develop TCM, thus leading to establishment of TCM bureaus in cities and provinces.
Under administration of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Name changes to Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the Academy change (still under administration of MOH)
The Second Institute of Clinical Medicine Affiliated to the TCM Academy
Part of International Training Department for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, entrusted by the World Health Organisation
Affiliated Hospital changes name as Guang'anmen Hospital of TCM Academy and opens with 105 inpatient beds
Affiliated Hospital separates with the Academy as it moves to Dongzhimen
Affiliated Hospital to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy of Ministry of Health, P.R.China opens together with the Academy in Guang'anmen
GAMH in Photo Gallery
Guang’anmen Hospital received the award as a representative of outstanding groups, 8th September, 2020.
2015 Workshop & Field Study on TM Leadership for LAS Health Officials, Nov. 10th -14th, 2015.
2012 China-ASEAN Training Program & Field Study on Harmonious Policies and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Traditional Medicine, April 15-21, 2012, Beijing
TCM services awarded “Bupa Quality Recognized” by the Secretary of State for Health of UK and the Vice Health Minister of P.R.C, October 27, 2008.
WHO Consultation on Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines on Traditional Medicine for Cancer, Nov. 15 to 17, 2005.
35 African Health Ministers of China-African Forum of Traditional Medicine visited Guang’anmen Hospital on Oct. 20, 2002.