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67 Days and Beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine in Focus



The role a TCM hospital can play

Guang'anmen Hospital 

in the Fight Against COVID-19

DAY 1 (25th January)

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On 25th January, 2020, the first day of Chinese Spring Festival, Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) dispatched its medical team, led by Vice President Dr. Lyu Wenliang. The team is in the first batch of National Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Medical Team to support Wuhan in the fight against COVID-19.

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4 Days Before DAY 1 ( 21st January)

As early as on 21st January, GAMH’s Emergency ICU Director, Dr. Qi Wensheng was dispatched to Wuhan as a TCM expert by the government.

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The Day Before DAY 1 (24th January)

On 24th January, the Chinese New Year's Eve, Academician Tong Xiaolin of Guang' anmen Hospital, as the medical care expert group leader of the National Administration of TCM, went to Wuhan for optimizing the diagnosis and treatment protocol of TCM, and providing advice to the government on TCM prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

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DAY 51 (20th February)

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On 20th February, Guang’anmen Hospital dispatched 3 more medical experts as substitutes of the National TCM Medical Team to support Wuhan in the fight against COVID-19.

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90s generation medical experts

DAY 1 - DAY 67( 25th Jan.-31st Mar., 2020) 

TCM debut of fully in charge of a critical care ward in national epidemic fights

15 medical staffs in Wuhan

67 days of TCM clinical practice

Day in and day out 

Ups and downs

 Death and loss

Together and apart

Tears and sweats

Love and peace

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158 cases admitted and 140 discharged in Jinyintan Hospital. 662 cases of COVID-19 common type in community level.

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Vice President Dr. Lyu Wenliang, who is the TCM team leader of Guang’anmen Hospital. From Jinyintan Hospital to Leishenshan Hospital, he worked 67 days’ in 5 battlefields. In community health centers, makeshift hospitals, or a critical care ward of western medicine hospital, our TCM team cooperated with TCM and western medical colleagues. TCM and integrative medicine provided the greatest benefit for COVID-19 patients.

Behind Clinical Fighting in Wuhan

Efforts on the TCM clinical trial for Huashibaidu Formula (Q14) in Wuhan.

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Backup of academics, experts, logistics, etc.

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TCM for the benefits of humankind

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 89 Days

7 experts overseas

International TCM medical expert group led by Vice President Dr. Liu Zhen returned on 19th July, 2020.

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Experts sharing experience of TCM fighting against COVID-19 with medical colleagues from the world, including Mayo Clinic.

Numbers in memory

50 special meetings on COVID-19 prevention and control.

100 trainings and drills.

300 management system and workflow files.

32 confirmed COVID-19 cases in 5 hospitals inside and outside Beijing treated under remote guidance of GAMH experts by online joint consultation mechanism.

576 cases of malignant tumors, 1,469 cases of emergency surgy, and 21,000 cases of hemodialysis in the first half year.

370,000 preventive prescriptions for 25 organizations in Beijing.

160,000 swap samples done by 330 staffs after Xinfadi Outbreak.

13,104 online consultations, 7,601 online diagnosis and treatment,  and 5,489 patients with prescriptions by express delivery, services covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

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Ms. Wang Xiaopin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guang’anmen Hospital, introduced the work of COVID-19 epidemic control and medical services in Beijing Press Conference on 9th July, 2020.

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Guang’anmen Hospital received the award as a representative of outstanding groups, during the meeting commending role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China,  8th September, 2020.

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Ms. Wang Xiaopin and GAMH’s 3 award winners of national outstanding individuals - Academician Tong Xiaolin, Dr. Qi Wensheng, Dr. Yang Jinliang - at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, 8th September, 2020.

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