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Getting to know ABC of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Experience TCM at the nation's very best TCM hospital -Basic Course

☆ VIP course tailored to your needs

☆ Introductory lectures and clinical observation

☆ 2 to 10 hours to complete

☆ No prerequisite

☆ Flexible course schedule

Our all year round Basic Courses on ABC of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) covers only the most interesting and useful part of TCM together with clinical observation in acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese massage) and pharmacy at Guang'anmen Hospital where a daily outpatient visits number 10,000.

English speaking doctors and educators, with their easy-to-understand presentations, will explain the basic underlying concepts of TCM, its common treatment modalities and integration with western medicine, and modern research in major hospitals of integrative medicine in Beijing. The presentations may involve any of the following (subject to course length).

Yin/Yang theory in relation to the human body and assessment of conditions TCM etiology, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases

TCM Internal organ systems, zang-fu organs in relation to the body Channel theory, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping

Chinese herbs, research, and possible side effects

This course provides those trainees with a basic yet comprehensive understanding of how Chinese TCM doctors perceive the body and offers tools for diagnosis and treatment.

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