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Excellence in clinical teaching

Guang'anmen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

★All of our biomedical knowledgeable TCM doctors capable of providing integrative medicine for every patient

★About 10,000 daily outpatient visits to 28 clinical departments

★TCM treatment modalities (herbs, acupuncture, Tuina/Chinese massage, Qigong) tailored to 80% of outpatients and 20% of inpatients

★ Over 700 patients receiving acupuncture treatments every day

Welcome to the training courses for TCM and acupuncture!   

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WHO Collaborating Center        

English-speaking doctors  

Flexible course length

Clinic-based skills training

30 years experience

when you complete the course, you will be able to have the insight to explain to your patients if they ask about TCM, and you can advise them correctly.

Free Internet Access, library and more, contact us for more information about our introductory and advanced courses on TCM.

Email: Tel: 86-10-88001800.

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